Frontier in mobile apps, web-based system, Electronics and medical solutions

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Frontier in mobile apps and web-based system

Mobile Apps

We can fulfill your needs to be the leader in your business with our advance mobile apps solutions

Web-based systems

Your organization will be more efficient with our custom made management and information system tailored with your needs.

Electronics & medical solutions

With our expertise in electronics and medical solutions, we can solve your problems

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We are Specialist in IT.
We are the leading company in IT, Electronics and Medical Solutions

IU SOLUTIONS established in March 2011. The business scope of IU SOLUTIONS covers IT-based businesses (Information Technology). Among the businesses undertaken by IU SOLUTIONS are the development of iPhone and iPad applications, website development, computer and computer hardware and also provide IT maintenance services and IT-based services in Johor Bahru, Johor. IU SOLUTIONS has long been in IT since 2005 and has been involved in the development of smartphone apps like iPhones and iPad tablets for iOS and Android. Applications that have been produced are Mathurat Lite, Islamic iKids Stories, Interactive Malay Stories and Prophet Noah app developed in collaboration with IRDA, MARA and UTM. IU SOLUTIONS also provides website development services, building interactive systems using flash and moodle, ‘Visual Basic’ and UNITI 3D system. IU SOLUTIONS plans to expand its business by opening a business in IT training, computer retailer, smartphone and IT hardware. Contact us for more info.

  • Website

    web based system, company website, personal website, shopping cart, flash etc

  • Mobile Apps

    Android and IOS . Education apps, Entertainment, Essential, Games etc

  • Medical Instrument

    supply medical equipment, eeg ecg, bioradio,

  • Electronic Device

    Develop and supply electronic system and solutions, IOT, Arduino and training.


We have expertise in our mobile apps and web-based system solutions
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Wid Ayop

Project Manager
Master in IT-Entrepreneurship, Degree in IT (Information System), Specialist in project management and web-based information system
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Arief H

Technology Director
Master in Electrical Engineering (Biomedical), Degree in Electronics Engineering, Specialist in IoT, mobile apps and medical instrumentation.
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Roi Tina

Account Manager
Degree in banking.
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Media Director
Specialist in media design

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